In life, gender and identity are performed, while in theatre, breaking through the 4th wall is to directly address one's audience— is my attempt to enquire beyond the performativity of self.


This website is a collection of Fareed Kaviani's writing. He has a B.A (first class hons.)
in politics and sociology, an M.A in literature and communication, and is currently
undertaking a sociology doctorate at Monash University.

He was contributing writer to the book Forever More: The New Tattoo.
And has appeared several times on ABC radio to discuss tattoo.

Fareed’s work has been published in:

The Guardian
The Conversation
Inked Magazine
Skin Deep
The Creators Project
Things & Ink
Modern Farmer
The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review

He is always looking for academic or journalistic

His handsy project, Thing Gallery, is an online gallery of tattooed silicone hands
and supplier of silicone products. Here is a recent interview with VICE.