The 4thwall is a collection of Fareed Kaviani's published work. Fareed has a B.A with Hons. in politics and sociology and an M.A in literature and communication. He hopes to begin his PhD in sociology in 2018.

Fareed has been published in a range of international and national print and digital publications including The Guardian, Modern FarmerVICEThe Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, and Dazed & Confused Magazine. He is a regular contributor to Things & Ink, an online tattoo culture blog, and Inked Magazine, Australasia's largest tattoo publication. 

His handsy project is Thing Gallery, an online gallery of tattooed silicone hands and supplier of silicone products. Here's a recent interview he did with VICE about this project.

Last year he curated Beware of the Thing, a charity exhibition showcasing tattooed silicone hands and sheets from artists across the globe and throughout Australia. He raised funds for SafeSteps and WIRE, two Melbourne based organisations dedicated to providing support to women and children experiencing domestic violence. 

Fareed is always looking for stories / collaborations. You can contact him at