“I find it quite absurd that as humans we are introduced to this world inside of a body which we've had absolutely no part in its design; why not use body art and modification to adjust the default design so that it can become more us?”

— Touka Voodoo

"No compassion, no scruples, no sense of empathy—it’s fucking sick to kill these people during the session. Seeing the pain in their eyes, the shaking from their bodies and the mess in all kinds. It doesn’t mean a full sleeve or big piece, it just means to break one's own will and to go to its outermost."

— 3Kreuze

"The first hit, your mind is full of so many thoughts—mostly you’re thinking: 'Shit, what have I done; what am I doing; I can’t do this'. After a few days I couldn’t feel my body; the pain had reached a different level, I was in another world. I was literally looking over my own body—I was simply not there."

— Chris Lemuelu

"I ended up in the psychiatric division. You know, having drugs every day for four years and then all of a sudden no drugs, I was gone; I was hearing ants fart."

— Johnny 'Halves'

“Art doesn’t have to be so serious and cerebral. I think sometimes people forget that it needs to be an experience that makes you feel something, and for us a big part of that is humour and visual stimulation. We often will think of the stupidest most ridiculous concept and work from there.”

— The Huxleys

"Pure psychedelics have widened my perceptions, given new ideas, understandings and depths to my creative expressions. I take them with respect, they are not something I would abuse. Through psychedelics I learn, love, laugh and just enjoy life as I usually do but in new ways."

— Jak Nola