Forever More: The New Tattoo

Following the success of Forever: the new tattoo, Berlin based publisher Gestalten bring us their follow up, Forever More. As a contributor I have early release (out December 19) copies available at discounted rates (limit of 3 per customer, free delivery for inner Melbourne studios). I've included an extract from each article I wrote as well as the publisher's synopsis. Purchase a copy of Forever More: The New Tattoo!

Forever More: The New Tattoo


Editors: Hannah Graves & Gestalten
Format: 22.5 × 29 cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 288 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-89955-926-2

Discounts on RRP: $120

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Publisher's synopsis: Forever More covers the best of the ever-changing contemporary tattoo underground. Bold tribal motifs and gritty stick and pokes bask in a resurgence alongside the fluidity of watercolors and the deviance of Art Brut. From traditional sessions in parlors to traveling artists, Forever More celebrates tattooing's unsung heroes and contemporary celebrities.

Forever More tracks the scene's inventiveness and originality as tattoos continue to emerge from subculture obscurity. Just as the needle infuses the skin with ink, the artists profiled infuse life into current tattoo culture. In a scene where artists travel the world, often organizing appointments exclusively via social media, tattooing can be a lifestyle and a way of life. Featuring Miriam Frank, Duncan X, David Schiesser, Grace Neutral, Fidjit, Isaiah Toothtaker, and many others, Forever More explores their unique stories and iconic work whilst creating a comprehensive narrative of this dynamic and enduring scene.

Prioritising pain with the Brutal Black Project

Vomit, screams, tears and broken wills—Valerio Cancellier and Cammy Stewart are not here to make you pretty.

There often comes a point during a long tattoo session where you begin to doubt your stamina, question your fortitude, and reconsider your choices. It is a slow crescendo to that level of psychological trepidation—the Brutal Black session, however, will get you there within minutes.

(see my VICE article on the Brutal Black Project)

The Dilated Pupils of Expanded Eye

Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James tell stories of the human condition.

Upon starting, they work independently, a technique reminiscent of surrealist André Breton’s ‘exquisite corpse’, where artists collaborate while completely in the dark of their partner’s progress. They then come together, consult over the fragmented parts, and proceed to evolve the concept and aesthetic of the final fluid mosaic.

Expanded Eye

The Indomitable Activism of Indomito

Rebels with a cause.

Preceding the Tattoo Renaissance of the 70s and 80s, the political and social climate of activism throughout the west facilitated the birth of a new, unabashed client base for tattoos. The skins of counter-culture groups like the black resistance, gay liberationists, and women’s rights advocates were adorned with tattoos embodying their identities of dissent. It is this steadfast spirit of rebelliousness—a vocal discontent with the status quo—that courses through the veins, and ink, of Indomito.


Whales and crayons: inside the pencil case of Miriam Frank

Combining serious technique with the levity and breadth of childlike wonderment.

Whether you are a traditionalist or progressivist, Miriam represents the quintessential nature of tattooing today, where a growing number of artists from a huge variety of disciplines are learning the trade to augment their personal oeuvre, while contributing to the field of tattooing in any which way they desire.

Miriam Frank

The violent ingenuity of Kelly Violet

A testament to finding what you love and letting it kill you.

'Tattooing is my best friend and my worst enemy. I used to pride myself on my short and long term memory but now I literally can't remember anything about the film I avidly watched last night, but, I can tell you James' appointment in January 2019 needs extending because he wants to add a tiny dismembered leprechaun to his right arm, just below the elbow… That's fucked up.' Although, she’s quick to add, an incredibly evolutionary state of being when it comes to her tattooing.

Kelly Violet

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